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Research and Publications

Grounded in the strong University of California research tradition, our projects encompass a range of topics that reflect our mission and research objectives at the Center for Commerce and Diplomacy.

Recent Publications

Christina J. Schneider and Jennifer L. Tobin. 2020. “The Political Economy of Bilateral Bailouts.” International Organization. (Forthcoming)

Emilie M. Hafner-Burton and Christina J. Schneider. 2020. “Donor Rules or Donors Rule? International Organizations and Political Corruption.” American Journal of International Law Unbound 113: 346-350.

Darin Christensen and Francisco Garifias. 2019. "The Politics of Property Taxation: Fiscal Infrastructure and Electoral Incentives in Brazil."

Agustina Paglayan. 2019. "Public-Sector Unions and the Size of Government." American Journal of Political Science 63(1): 21-36.  

Emilie M. Hafner-Burton and Christina J. Schneider. 2019. "The Company You Keep: International Organizations and the Reputational Effects of Membership." American Journal of International Law Unbound 113: 242-246.

Emilie Hafner-Burton and Christina J. Schneider. 2019. “The Dark Side of Cooperation: International Organizations and National Corruption.” International Studies Quarterly. (Forthcoming)

Vincent Anesi and Renee Bowen. 2019. "Policy Experimentation in Committees: a Case Against Veto Rights Under Redistributive Constraints." American Economic Journal: Microeconomics. (Accepted)

Broz, J. Lawrence, Zhiwen Zhang and Gaoyang Wang. "Explaining Foreign Interest in China's Global Leadership." International Organization. (Forthcoming)

Bowen, T. Renee, George Georgiadis, and Nicolas S. Lambert. 2019. "Collective Choice in Dynamic Public Good Provision." American Economic Journal: Microeconomics, 11 (1): 243-98.

Ansell, Ben W., Broz, J. Lawrence Broz and Thomas Flaherty. 2018. "Global Capital Markets. Housing Prices, and Partisan Fiscal Policies." Economics & Politics.

Working Papers

Maitreesh Ghatak and Karthik Muralidharan. 2019. "An Inclusive Growth Dividend: Reframing the Role of Income Transfers in India’s Anti-Poverty Strategy."

Paul Niehaus, Karthik Muralidharan and Sandip Sukhtankar. 2019. "Policy Evaluation by Revealed Preference."

Marc Muendler, Costas Arkolakis and Sharat Ganapati. January 2019. "The Extensive Margin of Exporting Products: A Firm-level Analysis."

Ahlquist, John S. and Mitch Downey. 2019. "Import Exposure and Unionization in the United States"

Broz, J. Lawrence and Zhiwen Zhang. 2018. "Explaining Foreign Interest in China's Global Leadership: Bilateral Central Bank Currency Swap Agreements."

Broz, J. Lawrence and William Roberts Clark. 2018. "'Voting' to Audit the Fed."

Megumi Naoi, Weiyi Shi and Boliang Zhu. 2018. “Yes-man Firms: Government Campaigns and Policy Positioning of Businesses in China.” Revised and Resubmitted, the Journal of Politics.

Arata Kuno and Megumi Naoi. 2018. “Framing Business Interests: How Campaigns Affect Firms’ Positions on Preferential Trade Agreements.”

Policy Papers

Broz, J. Lawrence and Zhiwen Zhang. April 2018. "China’s Global Economic Leadership: Who are the Followers?"

Research Projects Underway

Domestic Politics of Escape Clauses in International Trade Agreements
Professors Renee Bowen and Lawrence Broz; and Graduate Student Researcher Amir Fahrai