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Policy Writings

Research Summarized

CCD Leadership

Why are some nations more interested in following China’s global economic leadership than others?
UC San Diego's Center for Commerce and Diplomacy (CCD) Associate Director J. Lawrence Broz and co-authors address this question.
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Designing an International Economic Order: A Research Agenda
CCD Director Renee Bowen and CCD Associate Director J. Lawrence Broz identify the current 
threats facing international organizations, discuss solutions to address these threats, and highlight methods of leadership for building a broad base of support in these institutions. 
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CCD Affiliated Faculty

How to make redistribution better: Could universal basic incomes help?
CCD Affiliate Paul Niehaus and co-authors address the question "How to make redistribution better: Could universal basic incomes help?"
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CCD Postdoc Fellow

Legalization of International Institutions and Its Discontents: Does WTO disadvantage big powers?
CCD Postdoc Fellow Yoo Sun Jung examines the transition of the dispute settlement mechanism (DSM) from the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) to the World Trade Organization (WTO).
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How Bureaucrats Represent Economic Interests: Partisan Control over Trade Adjustment Assistance
CCD Postdoc Fellow Minju Kim examines how bureaucrats represent economic interests in her new paper.
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Conference Takeaways

Climate and Trade Report