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Working Papers

John Ahlquist. "Work and Workers in International Markets". prepared for the Oxford Handbook of International Political Economy. Jon Pevehouse and Leonard Seabrook, eds.

Samuel Bazzi, Lisa Cameron, Simone Schaner and Firman Witoelar. "Information, Intermediaries, and International Migration." 2021

Samuel Bazzi, Masyhur Hilmy and Benjamin Marx. "Islam and the State: Religious Education in the Age of Mass Schooling." 2021

Renee Bowen, J. Lawrence Broz and B. Peter Rosendorff. "Trade Policy Transitions: Three Eras of US Trade Policy." 2021

Renee Bowen, Ilwoo Hwang and Stefan Krasa. “Learning in Multi-Issue Bargaining.”

Renee Bowen, Danil Dmitriev and Simone Galperti. ”Learning from Shared News: when Abundant Information Leads to Belief Polarization.”

Kyle Handley and Fariha Kamal. “Rising Import Tariffs, Falling Export Growth: When Modern Supply Chains Meet Old-Style Protectionism.” 2020

Emilie M. Hafner-Burton, Heidi M. McNamara and Christina J. Schneider. “(In)Credible Commitments? International Organizations and Foreign Direct Investment."

Emilie M. Hafner-Burton, Edward Mansfield and Jon Pevehouse.“Rhetoric and Reality: International Organizations, Sovereignty Costs, and Human Rights."

Federica Izzo. “Ideology for the Future.”

Federica Izzo. “With Friends like These, Who Needs Enemies?”

Federica Izzo. “Do We Get the Best Candidates When We Need Them the Most?”

Ruixue Jia and Ying Bai. "The Economic Consequences of Political Hierarchy: Evidence from Regime Changes in China, AD1000-2000." 

Ruixue Jia, Xiaohuan Lan and Gerard Padró I Miquel. “Doing Business in China: Parental Background and Government Intervention as Determinants of Entrepreneurship.” (slides)

Ruixue Jia and Hongbin Li. "Just Above the Cutoff: The Return to Elite Education in China." Revise and resubmit. Journal of Public Economics.

Munseob Lee, David Argente and Chang-Tai Hsieh. "The Cost of Privacy: Welfare Effects of the Disclosure of COVID-19 Cases." 

Munseob Lee, David Argente and Sara Moreira. The Life Cycle of Products: Evidence and Implications, online appendix.

Munseob Lee, David Argente and Chang-Tai Hsieh. Measuring the Cost of Living in Mexico and the US.

Paasha Mahdavi, Christina J. Schneider, and Jennifer L. Tobin. ” Coordinated Financial Rescues.” September, 2019.

Paul Niehaus, Dennis Egger, Johannes Haushofer, Ted Miguel and Michael Walker. General equilibrium effects of cash transfers: experimental evidence from Kenya. Revise and resubmit. 

Paul Niehaus, Karthik Muralidharan and Sandip Sukhtankar.  Identity verification standards in welfare programs: experimental evidence from India.

Paul Niehaus. A theory of good intentions.

Paul Niehaus, Karthik Muralidharan and Sandip Sukhtankar  General equilibrium effects of (improving) public employment programs.

Nico Ravanilla. “Can We Encourage Publicly Motivated Citizens to Run for Office?: Evidence from a Leadership Training Workshop for First-Time Political Candidates​." 2020.

Nico Ravanilla, R Sexton, D Haim. "Deadly Populism: How Local Political Outsiders Drive Duterte’s War on Drugs in the Philippines.” Working Paper 2020.

Joel Watson. “Theoretical Foundations of Relational Incentive Contracts.” Annual Review of Economics, 2021.

CCD Postdoc Fellow

Yoo Sun Jung. "Legalization of International Institutions and Its Discontents: GATT vs. WTO Adjudication, 1989-2015." Working paper, 2021.