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The Center for Commerce and Diplomacy aims to connect local and national communities by providing a regular forum for dialogue among opinion leaders, academic, business, government and policy experts. This is being accomplished through conferences, workshops, a speaker series and public events that emphasize both scholarly research and interactive engagement.

Political Economy Lunch Group (PELG) Speaker Series

The Political Economy Lunch Group (PELG) is a seminar series that showcases leading scholars in economics and political science from across the globe. The speaker series serves as a forum for discussing policy-relevant research on globalization, inequality, populism, national security and other topics related to the Center’s mission of advancing peace and prosperity through commerce. Through engagement with prominent invited speakers, the seminar series establishes UC San Diego as a hub of political economy research and promotes interactions of faculty, Ph.D. students, and researchers from several disciplines. The series meets at lunchtime on Tuesdays (lunch is provided) throughout the academic year and is open to the public.Throughout the day, invited speakers meet with UC San Diego faculty and Ph.D. students in individual one-on-one sessions, and in small groups over meals (lunch and dinner). This facilitates collaboration on new research projects and exchange of new ideas. The PELG ensures UC San Diego stays at the cutting edge of research related to the center’s mission. Learn more about the series here.

Upcoming Events and Conferences

There are no upcoming events at this time. 

Past Events

Conference on Rational Inattention and Political Economy

Conference on Rational Inattention and Political Economy
Nov. 9, 2019
The first conference on Rational Inattention and Political Economy was a small, high-quality research conference intended to push forward the research agenda on limited-attention politics. Learn more.

CCD Global Leaders Forum: Dr. Condoleezza Rice

Sept. 13, 2019 | View Photos
The Global Leaders Forum's inaugural event featured former Secretary of State, Dr. Condoleezza Rice who discussed her new book, "To Build a Better World," co-authored with Philip Zelikow, and shared insights about life as the nation's top diplomat.

Forging the Pacific Century – GPS 30th Anniversary Events

April 26, 2019
Day 1: Forging the Pacific Century – A GPS 30th Anniversary Event
This year, GPS celebrates our 30th Anniversary. The first day featured panel discussions with international thought leaders on topics likely to dominate the news cycles in the future. CCD Director Renee Bowen moderated the 9:15 a.m. panel on "Policy Uncertainty and Business."

April 27, 2019
Day 2: Forging the Pacific Century – A GPS 30th Anniversary Event
GPS faculty provided TED-style talks on four key challenges of equality, prosperity, sustainability and conflict to continued progress in the 21st Century. CCD Director Renee Bowen presented at the 11:00 a.m. panel on "The Challenge of Prosperity."

View all videos from the GPS 30th Weekend Celebration here. 

Domestic Politics of Free Trade Agreements

March 19, 2019 | Program | Photos
Domestic Politics of Free Trade Agreements: Implications for US-Japan Relations
It comes as no surprise that domestic political forces complicate and create obstacles to cooperation that can impede trade agreements. But what is the current situation between the US and Japan? What courses of action are decision makers being advised to pursue? Guests enjoyed an evening of dialogue as CCD convened top scholars and policy experts from the U.S. and Japan to strategize on how to achieve optimal economic cooperation in the Asia-Pacific.

Cosponsored by: Japan Forum for Innovation and Technology, Center for Global Transformation and Center for Global Partnership/Japan Foundation.

San Diego 2049: Radical Economies

Feb. 19, 2019 | Video
San Diego 2049: Radical Economies
With co-author Eric Posner, Glen Weyl argues for a new way to organize markets in the book "Radical Markets: Uprooting Capitalism and Democracy for a Just Society." They seek to demonstrate why private property is inherently monopolistic; how we would all be better off if private ownership were converted into a public auction for public benefit; how the principle of one person, one vote inhibits democracy; ways to leverage antitrust laws to liberate markets from the grip of institutional investors; and how to create a data labor movement to force digital monopolies to compensate people for their electronic data, among other provocative ideas. Joining Weyl on stage was David Brin, the celebrated science fiction writer and futurist who has long explored the future of economic possibility and privacy (The Transparent Society), and Renee Bowen, GPS professor and Director of the Center on Commerce and Diplomacy.