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Books and Chapters

Michael Davidson and co-authorsFoundations for a Low-Carbon Energy System in China. Cambridge University Press, 2021.

David Fortunato. The Cycle of Coalition: How Parties and Voters Interact under Coalition Governance. Cambridge University Press, 2021.

Francisco Garfias and Emily A. Sellars. State Building in Historical Political Economy. The Oxford Handbook of Historical Political Economy. Forthcoming, Oxford University Press. 

Stephan Haggard and Robert Kaufman. Backsliding: Democratic Regress in the Contemporary World, Cambridge University Press, 2021.

​​​​LaGina Gause. The Advantage of Disadvantage: Costly Protest and Political Representation for Marginalized Groups. Cambridge University Press, 2022. 

Barry Naughton. Chapter 7: A Perspective on Chinese Economics: What Have We Learned? What Did We Fail to Anticipate? Engaging China, 174-196. Columbia University Press, 2021. 

Barry Naughton. The Rise of China's Industrial Policy, 1978 to 2020. Universidad Nacional Autónomica de México, Facultad de Economía, 2021. 

Sara Lowes. “Culture in Historical Political Economy,” in preparation for The Oxford Handbook of Historical Political Economy, Oxford University Press. 

Sara Lowes. “How Natural Experiments in History Can Inform Development,” in preparation for Handbook of Experimental Development Economics. Edward Elgar Publishing.  

Lauren Prather and Sarah Bush.Monitors and Meddlers: How Foreign Actors Influence Local Trust in Elections.” Forthcoming, Cambridge University Press.


John Ahlquist. “Making Decent Jobs.” Daedalus special issue on the new moral political economy, April 2022.

John Ahlquist. "Work and Workers in International Markets." Oxford Handbook of International Political Economy, July 2021. 

Carlos Fernando Avenancio-León and Diego Aparicio. “Is Banning Corporate Contributions Enough? The Dynamics of Incomplete Campaign Finance Reform Accepted, Journal of Law & Economics. November 2021.

Samuel Bazzi and co-authors. Sundown Towns and Racial Exclusion: The Southern White Diaspora and the ‘Great Retreat.’” Forthcoming. American Economic Association: Papers & Proceedings.

Samuel Bazzi and co-authors. "The Promise and Pitfalls of Conflict Prediction: Evidence from Colombia and Indonesia." Review of Economics and Statistics, forthcoming. Last edited: February 04, 2021.

Samuel Bazzi and Matthew Gudgeon. "The Political Boundaries of Ethnic Divisions." AEJ: Applied Economics, 2021.

Eli Berman and Zaur Rzakhanov. “Fertility, Migration and Altruism.” Journal of Demographic Economics 86(3): 367- 402. September 2020. 

Renee Bowenand J. Lawrence Broz. The Domestic Political-Economy of the WTO Crisis: Lessons for Preserving Multilateralism.” Sep 2021.
Lawrence Broz, Jeffry Frieden and Stephen Weymouth. “Populism in Place: The Economic Geography of the Globalization Backlash,”International Organization 75, 2 464-94. Data and code available at the Dataverse Network. 2021.

Michael Davidson and Margaret Pearson. “Static Electricity: Institutional and Ideational Barriers to China’s Market Reforms.” Studies in Comparative International Development. 2022. 

Michael Davidson, Gao, X., Busby, J., Shearer, C., & Eisenman, J. “The Challenges of Coal Phaseout: Coal Plant Development and Foreign Finance in Indonesia and Vietnam.” Global Environmental Politics, 21(4), 1–24. 2021. 

Michael Davidson, Karplus, V. J., Zhang, D., & Zhang, X. “Policies and Institutions to Support Carbon Neutrality in China by 2060.” Economics of Energy & Environmental Policy, 10(2). 2021. 

Fabian Eckert, Lucas Althoff, Sharat Ganapati, Conor Walsh. "The Geography of Remote Work." Regional Science and Urban Economics, Volume 93, March 2022.

Fabian Eckert, Mads Hejlesen, Conor Walsh. "The Return to Big-City Experience: Evidence from Refugees in Denmark." Journal of Urban Economics, April 14, 2022.

David Fortunato, Scott J. Cook. "The Politics of Police Data: State Legislative Capacity and the Transparency of State and Substate Agencies." Forthcoming, American Political Science Review. [Online Appendix

David Fortunato, Matthew V. Hibbing, Tessa Provins. "Hurdles to Inference: The Demographic Correlates of Survey Breakoff and Shirking." Forthcoming, Social Science Quarterly. 

David Fortunato, Tessa Provins and Nathan W. Monroe. "Allocating Costly Influence in Legislatures." Forthcoming. Journal of Politics. July 2022. 

David Fortunato. "Women’s Descriptive Representation and Gendered Import Tax Discrimination." American Political Science Review, Volume 115, Issue 1, February 2021, pp 307-315.

David Fortunato, John R. Hibbing, Elizabeth Theiss-Morse, and Matthew V. Hibbing. "Who do the people want to govern?" Forthcoming, Party Politics.

Francisco Garfias and Emily A. Sellars. “When State Building Backfires: Elite Coordination and Popular Grievance in Rebellion.” American Journal of Political Science. July 2021. 

Francisco Garfias and Darin Christensen. "The Politics of Property Taxation: Fiscal Infrastructure and Electoral Incentives in Brazil," The Journal of Politics, October 2021.

Francisco Garfias and Emily A. Sellars. "From Conquest to Centralization: Domestic Conflict and the Transition to Direct Rule," The Journal of Politics, July 2021.

Teevrat Garg, Ajay Shenoy. "The Ecological Impact of Place-Based Economic Policies." American Journal of Agricultural Economics Vol 103(4) pp. 1239-1250 August 2021.

LaGina Gause. Review of Vanguard: How Black Women Broke Barriers, Won the Vote, and Insisted on Equality for All by Martha S. Jones. National Review of Black Politics, October 2021, 2(4).

LaGina Gause. “Costly Protest and Minority Representation in the U.S.” PS: Political Science & Politics , Volume 55 , Issue 2 , April 2022 , pp. 279 – 281.

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Federica Izzo, Torun Dewan and Stephane Wolton. “Cumulative Knowledge in the Social Sciences: The Case of Improving Voters' Information.” SSRN, March 2022. 

Federica Izzo“Ideology for the Future.” Conditionally Accepted at APSR.

Federica Izzo. “With Friends like These, Who Needs Enemies?” March 2022. 

Federica Izzo“Do We Get the Best Candidates When We Need Them the Most?”

Federica Izzo. “Who Runs When?” Under Review. March 2022. 

Ruixue Jia, Michael Greenstone, Guojun He, and Tong Liu. “Can Technology Solve the Principal-Agent Problem? Evidence from China's War on Air Pollution.” American Economic Review: Insights, March 2022.

Ruixue Jia and Ying Bai. "The Economic Consequences of Political Hierarchy: Evidence from Regime Changes in China, AD1000-2000." Review of Economics and Statistics. 

Ruixue Jia, Xiaohuan Lan and Gerard Padró I Miquel. “Doing Business in China: Parental Background and Government Intervention as Determinants of Entrepreneurship.” Journal of Development Economics.

Ruixue Jia and Hongbin Li. "Just Above the Cutoff: The Return to Elite Education in China." Revise and resubmit. Journal of Public Economics.

Ruixue Jia and Torsten Persson. “Choosing Ethnicity: The Interplay between Individual and Social Motives.” Journal of the European Economic Association, 2021. 

Michael F. Joseph"A Little Bit of Cheap Talk is a Dangerous Thing: States Can Communicate Intentions Persuasively and Raise the Risk of War," The Journal of Politics, 2021.

Michael F. Joseph, Michael Goldfien and Roseanne McManus. "Domestic Sources of International Reputation." American Political Science Review. June 2022. 

Michael F. Joseph, Michael Poznansky and William Spaniel. "Shooting the Messenger: The Challenge of National Security Whistleblowing." The Journal of Politics. 2022. 

Yoo Sun Jung, Erica Owen and GS Shim. "Heterogeneity in how investors respond to disputes: Greenfield FDI and co-Industrial disputes." The Journal of Politics. 83 (4). 2021.

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Munseob Lee, David Argente and Chang-Tai Hsieh. Measuring the Cost of Living in Mexico and the US.” Forthcoming, American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics. October 2021.  

Sara Lowes. “Kinship Structure, Stress, and the Gender Gap in Competition.” 
Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, December 2021, Vol. 192, pp. 36-57.

Sara Lowes and E. Montero. “Concessions, Violence, and Indirect Rule: Evidence from the Congo Free State.” The Quarterly Journal of Economics, November 2021, Vol. 136, No. 4, 2047-2091.

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Paul Niehaus, Markus Mobius, Muriel Niederle and Tanya Rosenblat. “Managing self-confidence: theory and experimental evidence.” Forthcoming, Management Science. October 2021. 

Paul Niehaus, Dennis Egger, Johannes Haushofer, Ted Miguel and Michael Walker.

“General equilibrium effects of cash transfers: experimental evidence from Kenya.” Forthcoming, Econometrica. September 2021. 

Paul Niehaus, Dennis Egger, Johannes Haushofer, Ted Miguel and Michael Walker. General equilibrium effects of cash transfers: experimental evidence from Kenya. Revise and resubmit, Econometrica. September 2021.

Agustina Paglayan"The Non-Democratic Roots of Mass Education: Evidence from 200 Years," American Political Science Review, Volume 115, Issue 1, February 2021, pp. 179 - 198. APSA 2019 Best Comparative Policy Paper Award.

Agustina Paglayan. “Education or Indoctrination? The Violent Origins of Public School Systems in an Era of State-Building.” American Political Science Review. 2022. (appendix

Nico Ravanilla, Dotan Haim and Renard Sexton. "Sustained Government Engagement Improves Subsequent Pandemic Risk Reporting In Conflict Zones," American Political Science Review, 2021.

Nico Ravanilla, Matthew Nanes, Dotan Haim. “Fire Alarms for Police Patrols: Experimental Evidence on Co-Production of Public Safety” Forthcoming, Journal of Politics. 

Nico Ravanilla, Allen Hicken. “When Legislators Don't Bring Home the Pork: The Case of Philippine Senators” Forthcoming, Political Science Research and Methods. 

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Books and Chapters

Munseob Lee and Gaurav Khanna. High-Skill Immigration, Innovation, and Creative Destruction in "The Roles of Immigrants and Foreign Students in US Science, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship," University of Chicago Press, February 2020, pp.73-98.


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